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    中文版 | ENGLISH    

    San Wai Tung facades Design Consultants Limited

    San Wai Tung, English New Facade Orient
    New (New) - A new technology center
    Wai (Facade) - Exterior Architectural also known as the "envelope"
    East (Orient) - Shanghai Oriental
    Implication: the external walls of the new building technology center in Shanghai in the east.

    San Wai Tung facades Design Consultants Limited specializes in the design of exterior architectural engineering, consulting, cost of construction and consultancy work. Through the provision of professional services and technology to assist owners, architects and contractors successfully completed wall project. Focus on the high-end public buildings, high-rise building consultants. Based on promoting external trade, the development of the human environment.

    Core values: service, commitment to the community, industry, the pursuit of excellence.

    Service Mission: lead, professional, impartial and reliable.

    Development Goals: the international fight on one of the best external consultants.